A full school subject in a video game!

First video game that includes a subject

Powernauts is the ideal combination: Learn math by using the highly acclaimed Singapore Method and have fun by playing video games.

Each level adapts learning methods into amusing puzzles and mini-games to turn the learning experience into an adventure. You will explore a mysterious planet and meet its inhabitants: the curious and friendly Blublus who will help you during your mission.

This first chapter, POWERNAUTS: “First Class” was designed for children between 5 and 7 years old, and is based on the curricular contents of this age.

App de seguimiento para familias y tutores

The app for families allows to monitor the educational progress of the child, as well as all aspects of the game: achievements, contents exceeded, motivation, etc.

Multiple players can be monitored simultaneously. You can also create groups to identify them better.


Manipulative learning

No. 1 in the world in all international tests.

The Singapore Method is a teaching method based on the national mathematics curriculum used from kindergarten through sixth grade in Singapore. The term was coined in the United States to describe an approach originally developed in Singapore to teach students to learn and master less mathematical concepts in more detail, in addition to making them learn these concepts through a three-step learning process: concrete, pictorial and Summary (CPA).

Mathematical tests and brain challenges integrated into a classic platform game where you will have to use your skills and ingenuity to advance. Learning can be fun… and very rewarding! The more content you learn, the more rewards you will receive, so you can make your Powernaut unique and personal.

The challenges of each level will vary every time you play, for an everlasting learning experience. Enjoy every level, time and time again! You won’t ever get bored playing with the Powernauts!


What are you waiting for!

Try the game for free!

Powernauts is available for download on various platforms: Google Play Store and App Store. You can play the first 6 levels for free.

Monitor App

The application for families allows to follow the educational progress of the child, as well as all aspects of the game: achievements, contents exceeded, etc. Now on promotional offer for € 1.